Current Practice Status (updated Nov 24th 2016)

From Dec 10th until early January, Saturday morning practice start times will be pushed back to 9 AM for Age Group and 9:30 AM for NovaTech.

Please also note that the Age Group practice on Sat Dec 10th will be cancelled due to the Candy Cane Invitational Meet being held in Truro that weekend. The regular NovaTech practice for Dec 10th will be held, but starting at 9:30 AM.

Christmas Practice Schedule:

  • Regular practices up to Dec 23rd
  • No practice Dec 24th-27th
  • Regular practices Dec 28th-30th
  • No practice Dec 31st
  • Regular practices resume Jan 2nd 2017

The regular practice schedule for the 2016-17 season is available at the link below, and the club’s online calendar is also updated:

Upcoming Events

For a complete overview of the year, please visit our SBSC Events Page.

Membership and Other Inquiries

To learn more about our membership levels and competition training groups, please visit our Membership Page.

To inquire about joining our club, please contact Austin Collett (SBSC President) at austincollett@hotmail.com.

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